For the season 2023/2024, we are preparing a surprise for our audience. New Christmas ballet "Ice Princess". This is a fascinating kind romantic story, to the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Halvorsen and Leontovich, it will give unforgettable bright emotions of happiness for adults and children. A beautiful Princess Sofia, robbers, forest fairies, funny Snowman, fabulous trolls and, of course, a brave handsome man Andre who will pass all difficulties on his way.

Beautiful Princess Sofia is sad in her castle. Loneliness turned her heart to ice.
Seeing distant lands in a magic mirror where people have fun at the Christmas holiday, she decides to go there. To get a little closer to a place where everyone is happy. But first who she meet was one of the villagers — a cheerful and handsome guy Andre. It makes her confiusion and her ice heart peicked her inside and she disappeared away, freezing the whole city.
But miracles always happen at Christmas… The love and big kind heart of Andre leads him through many adventures and dangers to the castle where he will find his love, melt the heart of the beautiful Princess and save his city.
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