"The Ice Princess" is a ballet based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale "The Snow Queen" and the Disney movie "Frozen," set to the music of Leontovych, Mozart, Vivaldi, Grieg, and Halvorsen.

Choreographer: Andreas Haise

Scenography by Irina Khandazhevska

At the heart of the ballet is a love story that demonstrates its power to overcome loneliness and emotional barriers. This version of two stories emphasizes the idea that humans are not meant to live in isolation and solitude. Only by living together can we contemplate, grow, and develop as individuals. This places the ballet alongside many fairy tales where love takes center stage.

Scriptwriter Irina Khandazhevska says, "The inspiration to create this performance came from the desire to give the world a new fairy tale filled with love, magic, and joy. People all over the world should believe in miracles, in love, in fairy tales, and in the fulfillment of desires. In our reality, there is too much suffering and tragic events. I wanted to showcase the charm of Ukrainian Christmas in this ballet; I wanted the ballet to feature the music of a Ukrainian composer on par with world-class composers. And one sleepless night of inspiration compelled me to write the script. Thus, 'The Ice Princess' was born."

Choreographer Andreas Haise adds, "After Irina Khandazhevska, the founder of Classical Ukrainian Ballet Etoile, approached me with the idea of creating an entirely new ballet-fairy tale, I immediately wanted to support this project. Not only because of recent events in Ukraine but also because of Irina and Anatoliy’s enthusiasm for this project. I felt the need to create something new for this newly formed group, and I am very proud to have been part of the company’s early journey. Many unknown factors, such as not knowing where we would rehearse or premiere, made this trip entirely different and full of adventures. However, I always believed that we would achieve our goal. The passion, dedication, and openness I felt throughout the creative process were a tremendous inspiration for me."
Act 1
Princess Sophia was once an ordinary princess with a brother, a sister, a mother, and a father. However, extraordinary abilities developed in her early childhood. With every overwhelming emotion, whether it be love or anger, Sophia unleashes a destructive snowstorm. Fearing to harm her beloved family, Sophia fled home and isolated herself in her icy palace. Emotions are forbidden there, so Sophia can no longer invoke natural disasters.

A happy gnome, possessing magical powers himself, knows about Sophia’s fate. He also knows that Sophia’s frozen heart can be melted by true love and that she can learn to control her magical powers. He places a magical mirror on the path of two of Sophia’s servants, namely two snow yetis, for them to find it. They rejoice at the discovery and bring it to the ice palace, unaware of its magical power. Both yetis have long been in love with each other and often tease each other in the castle, much to Sophia’s dismay. To appease her, the yetis give her the found mirror.

The magical mirror allows Sophia to see what is happening in the city. There, she sees people joyfully enjoying the Christmas atmosphere in the beautiful town square. Joyful but deeply angered that she can no longer experience this happiness, she unleashes one of her biggest blizzards, simultaneously freezing the entire city and its inhabitants. Only the young man Andriy does not freeze. Troubled by this, Sophia doubts her powers. Are there people whom she cannot harm? Suddenly, the mirror dissolves, and Sophia appears before Andriy. Both are enchanted by each other, but Sophia nervously flees due to the feelings that arise. From that moment, as Andriy saw Sophia’s face, he had only one goal: to see Sophia again. As he wonders how this will happen, a snowman, built by two boys in the town square, comes to life. Surprised and happy to have found a new friend, they both set out to find Sophia.

Their journey initially takes them through the land of flowers, which enchant with sweet aromas and magical juices. Our heroes forget about time and immerse themselves in the pleasure of the fragrance. But when they finally continue their journey with the magical potion given to them by the Flower Fairy, they get lost in a dark forest where a band of robbers attacks them. The Snowflake manages to hide in time and watches as they tie Andriy. At the right moment, when the robbers are celebrating, the Snowflake pours the magical flower potion into the robbers' wine bottles. After a very loud celebration, the robbers suddenly fall into a deep sleep. Now, the friends are free again and continue their journey.
Act 2
On a sunny morning, the two friends return to the forest, where they meet funny trolls. They turn out to be good-natured assistants of the Happy Gnome. He allows Andriy to look into the magical mirror, where he learns about Sophia’s fate and becomes even more determined to find and save her. After the Gnome shows them the way to the ice palace, they finally reach their destination. However, Sophia is so protected by her ice that reaching her is not easy. But eventually, their intentions become clear. After a few snowstorms and resistance from Sophia, she now allows the ice barriers to melt, and they unite in tender love.

The city comes to life, the hustle and bustle at the Christmas market continue. The yetis and the Snowflake hurry to the city to tell the story of the young lovers. Now Sophia and Andriy join the festivities, and Sophia can finally share her joy and love with people without causing a snowstorm. Everyone joyfully celebrates Christmas.
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