Ballet in two acts
(1 intermission)
P. I. Tchaikovsky
Marius Petipа
Fantastic Christmas ballet for the whole family
Dancing snowflakes, the Nutcracker Prince, toy soldiers and the Sugar Plum Fairy come to life in this magical family classic. Experience a fantastical adventure with a little girl called Clara, as she drifts off to sleep on Christmas Eve. She meets her Prince, is confronted by a battle of larger-than-life mice and rats, and is whisked into the luscious land of sweets — it even snows on stage! The story is much more than just a Christmas tale. It is a story about growing up, which is also reflected in the dance.

Now is the time to fill yourself up and this is exactly the place where you forget the pressing problems and fuss, immerse yourself in the magical world, remember childhood dreams and fill your soul with inspiration, warmth and new dreams.
Act One
Party Scene

Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaums family. A large and stately house with the most beautiful Christmas tree imaginable. The children, Clara and Fritz, dance play and greet their friends.

The party turns festive with music and dancing when the godfather Drosselmeyer arrives. He is a watch and toy maker, the mysterious and cheerful Drosselmeyer is always full of surprises.

The children begin to open presents, and Drosselmeyer gives Clara an unusual Nutcracker doll. Clara is overjoyed. But Fritz is jealous and snatching the Nutcracker from Clara immediately breaks it. Clara is heartbroken, but Drosselmeyer quickly fixes the Nutcracker and punishes the naughty Fritz.

Late in the evening, happy and contented guests disperse, and the Stahlbaum family retires for the evening. Clara, worried about her beloved Nutcracker, sneaks back to the tree to check on him and falls asleep next to him.
Fight Scene
As the clock strikes midnight, strange things begin to happen. Clara begins to shrink, her beautiful Christmas tree rising high above her. The toys around the Christmas tree come to life, and the room fills with an army of mice led by the ferocious Mouse King. But the Nutcracker leads his army of toy soldiers into battle with the mice. Unfortunately, the cunning ones win.

The Nutcracker and his army. But then Clara, plucking up her courage, in a desperate attempt to save her beloved Doll, throws a pillow at the Mouse King, hitting him right in the head. The mouse king falls to the floor, and the defeated mice run off, carrying their leader.
The Dream Ends
Clara awakens from her dream and finds herself by her Christmas tree with her beloved Nutcracker.
The Land of Sweets

The Prince accompanies Clara to the Land of Sweets, where they are met by Drosselmeyer and the Fairytale Representatives of Sweets from different countries.

Suddenly the Mouse King appears, the Prince is ready to fight the enemy, but suddenly the Mouse King takes off his mask, and under it is Drosselmeyer, who decided to joke a little.

The ball begins in a joyful mood.

Spanish dance — Chocolate
Arabic dance — Coffee
Ukrainian dance — Libretto
Act Two
Snow Forest
And suddenly a miracle happened, magic spells, sincere faith and love of Clara, turns the Nutcracker into a handsome Prince. Clara realizes that she has become an adult. And their journey begins — a magical forest wonderland, where they are greeted by dancing Snowflakes, escorting them to the Land of Sweets.
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